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 Hiring Assessments

A large number of assessment tools are available to help you hire the best candidate for any position within your organization.  BSC can arrange for testing related to tasks such as keyboarding, database entry and mechanical reasoning as well as program specific testing for various popular word processing and spreadsheet programs.  Additionally, personality based measures allow the hiring committee to gain an insight into a candidate's behaviour and thinking styles and the impact that may have on "fit" with an organization's vision and culture.

Return to Work Support

With an extensive roster of assessors, BSC can facilitate an Independent Medical or Psychological evaluation to assist in identifying barriers to the safe and early return to work of employees.  Additionally, the Functional Abilities Evaluation or Work Fitness test can provide objective information related to the ability of an employee to meet the physical demands of their job.  More detailed information is available on the Assessment Services page.

Organizational Culture

Companies, regardless of size and scope of work, have what is termed a culture.  It is this culture that ultimately defines what it takes for employees, new and existing, to “fit in”.  Culture is beyond corporate policies and practices and can have an impact on the success and sustainability of a company or organization.  Having a clear picture of the culture of your organization can positively contribute to recruitment and retention efforts, succession planning, profitability and overall success. 

BSC can facilitate a culture assessment to determine the Current culture of your organization/business and assist in defining and developing your Ideal culture.  With clear expectations and goals, cultural transformation is possible.

Leadership/Management Development

Culture generally reflects beliefs and behaviours of organizational leaders therefore, determining management or leadership style, identifying areas for development and understanding behavioural impact on employees positively is needed.  Assessment tools are available to identify strengths, developmental needs and impact of leaders in your organization to guide professional development.  

Team Development

How did your team handle the last big project?  How do they navigate workplace challenges? Through the use of real-life or scripted scenarios, BSC can assist in identifying team dynamics and suggest strategies for improvement. The basis for this process is to identify the impact of behaviours and provide information regarding the value of altering behaviour to improve team functioning and morale.  This session, which includes a scenario and group assessment is conducted in 2 ½ to 4 hour sessions.

Individual Development

Assessment tools are available to aid in individual professional development; please contact BSC directly for more information. 

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Contact BSC for more information specific to range of developmental assessment tools available.  Testing can be completed in our offices or any other environment with a strong internet connection.  BSC Corporate Consultants are certified in the administration and interpretation of various tools designed to provide valuable feedback to organizations, leaders and employees.  

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