With so many responsibilities, how can we possibly juggle our time, energy, and attention between them all? Luckily our experienced team of counsellors can help you find that balance. Whether it be work stressors, home life, relationships (with friends, spouse, coworkers), parenting, losses (loss of a relationship, health, person), difficult life experiences or anything else – our team can support you.

You don’t have to have a specific concern or issue, mental health checkups can be as routine as a dental check-up. Our team can work with you to check in with where you are at, build on your strengths and discuss evidence-based resources available to you for self-care and self-management.

Benefits of counselling and psychotherapy include:

  • Better Expression and Management of Emotions
  • Understand unconscious habits or patterns
  • Relief from Depression, Anxiety and other mental health conditions
  • Improved ability to manage stress
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Ability to overcome personal traumas
  • Gain a clearer understanding of why you feel or act the way you do.
  • Increase your confidence, decision-making skills and ability to help yourself.
  • Discover new options and solutions in moving through your issue/concerns.




EFAP Complimentary Support Services

In addition to the traditional services offered in the EFAP, Behavioural Science Centre is now offering Complimentary Support Services to help you foster and maintain your personal and professional well-being. Our Complimentary Support Services are confidential, professional services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Intake services
  • Next-day single session services and system navigation
  • Long-term supportive counselling
  • Well-Being Check-ups

Our interns will start by providing a solution-orientated interview in order to collaboratively identify your concerns and a potential plan of action. Sessions will be approximately 50 minutes in length. From here you can choose to stay with the intern for additional sessions, or be referred to a core counsellor. Individuals will always have a choice as to whom they would like to see, and complimentary  services do not count towards your allotted number of sessions annually.

Meeting with Therapist